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Oh deer! or: Hunting with a motorcycle.

1. The right time
To be succesfull you need to go out at dawn or dusk. I'm more of a night person, so I would prefer somewhere between 8 and 10pm in may.

2. The right terrain
Avoid cities and villages. Go for fields and woods, the narrower and less used the road is, the better.

3. The right speed
If you're too slow, you will lose, if you're too fast you might miss an opportunity. I recommend a steady 70-80 km/h and a gear that allows you to take a short sprint to achchieve your goal.

4. Take a friend
Not only will this be usefull to explain what happened to the police and other passers-by, but it will give you an ultimate advantage in terms of weight.

5. Be quiet

Loud pipes save lives and a roaring engine gives you goosebumps. However, it is contraproductive when you're on the prowl. Your desired bounty will hear you too soon and might back off.

6. Be lucky
As with fishing, the modern hunter needs to take chances. Not every ride will be a success. You need to find an unsuspecting target and it needs to jump at the right time. Be ready for the impact. It will be short and sharp. Don't panic. Steer straight. Resist the urge to veer for deer.
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